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Recorded Baptisms for Deborah Winge & John Winge,
children of Rev. John Wing & Deborah Bachiler

The Wing Genealogy, page 8, estimated the birth date of Deborah (Bachiler) Wing as between 1591-1592 based on a discovery made in 1913 of a passenger list dated 24 JUN 1624. This passenger list documented "Licenses to pass beyond the sea..." Apparently Deborah (Bachiler) Wing came over to England sometime prior to this date, and wished to return home (to Flushing, Holland).

According to the passenger list, Deborah was age 32, her daughter Deborah was aged 13, and her young son, Stephen was age 3. This was the only document listing the ages of these individuals.

Recently, the Medway Counsel Archives Service has developed an online site: where they have been scanning original documents and making them freely available on the internet. They included many of the parishes in the Rochester Archdeaconry area. These parishes included the parish of Strood St. Nicholas, which is the church Rev. John Wing preached at between 1606-1614.

The register of this parish was almost certainly written by Rev. John Winge himself. The handwriting in the register for this date resembles the handwriting of other works known to be written by John.

This register records the baptism of Deborah Winge on 12 OCT 1609, and John Winge on 1 SEP 1611. While the record does not state the names of the parents, there is no doubt these are the first two children of Rev. John Winge & his wife, Deborah Bachiler.

Given the fact the eldest daughter was actually 15 (not 13) when she sailed from England to Holland in 1624, it is also likely her mother's age was likewise understated in this record. Based on this information, I have now estimated the birth date of Deborah (Bachiler) Wing as circa 1590.

Raymond T. Wing, Genealogist for the Wing Family of America, Inc.

(Deborah Winge's entry can be found 3rd from the bottom under 1609. John Winge is 9th from the bottom under 1611)

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