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Incorporated JUNE 1902

District Pages

The WFA will assign you to a district based on where you live,
please feel free to join any other districts activities.

Wing Family Reunion

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

District One Representative:
Barbara Brann-Weir
    District I, consisting of the six New England states, is the most compact of all the WFA’s
geographical units. While our land area may be small, our district boasts an abundance
of active, proud Wing cousins.

    New England is also the place where Deborah Wing and her sons first settled in the
American colonies. All of us Wings can trace our lineage back to 17th century Sandwich,
MA, next to the Atlantic on Cape Cod.

Winter view of marsh and boardwalk, Sandwich, MA

    District I members enjoy the camaraderie of family gatherings, where we celebrate our
family ties and have a great time. Maine has two active Wing family organizations. One,
the Phillips, Maine Wing Reunion, has been meeting annually since 1895! Meetings are
held on the first Sunday of August, at the pavilion in Phillips, Maine.

Checking in at Phillips, 2016 and BEST Pot-Luck Picnic!

    The Wing Assembly of Maine meets in October, on the first Saturday after Columbus
Day. (For more information on this group and its annual gathering, click on the “Sub-
District” link at right.) Although the WA of ME is a newbie compared to the Phillips
group, the Assembly has been holding reunions since 1987.

Wing Assembly of Maine in Woolwich, ME -- 2015
    Reunions of New Hampshire and Massachusetts/ Rhode Island state groups are also
underway. New Hampshire folks have come together twice for autumn luncheons, and
hope to continue to gather annually. Massachusetts/ Rhode Island Wings held a most
enjoyable meeting in August, 2016. Participants were all eager to get together again, and
look forward to seeing one another at the 2017 WFA national reunion in Sandwich. A
local MA/RI meeting is planned for 2018, to be held in New Bedford.

New Hampshire Wings at their 2016 harvest-time meeting

    All cousins are welcome to participate in any of our District I events. For more
information, contact the District I Representative at the email address above, or join
“New England Wings” on Facebook.

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It is easy to become a member of the Wing Family of America, Inc. (WFA). If you are a blood or adopted descendant of one of the three brothers, John, Daniel or Stephen Wing, you can become a member of the WFA. Wives and husbands of Wing descendants can also become members of the WFA. It is very likely that if your last name is Wing or if your mother or a grandmother had the maiden name of Wing that you are descended from one of the three brothers.

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